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Walking Away From a Home in Waco

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While bankruptcy can put a stop to the foreclosure process and other options may allow a homeowner to keep his or her home, in some cases, keeping the home may not be in the best interests of that homeowner. While the stigma surrounding foreclosure is that it is a shameful process that is to be avoided at all costs, walking away from a home can sometimes be a positive financial option.

Attorney Clint Chase will help you explore all of your options if you are faced with foreclosure and the loss of your home. While foreclosure is, in most cases, a last resort, if you owe more on your mortgage than your house is worth, a voluntary foreclosure is not an irresponsible option.

Walking Away From a Home in Minnesota

Many people who foreclose on their homes do so because they lost their jobs or are hit with unexpected medical and other expenses. With recent events surrounding the mortgage crisis, however, some people simply cannot afford to make monthly payments on their homes.

Foreclosures have been on the rise and continue to happen in large numbers across Waco and the state of Texas. While a foreclosure can leave a black mark on a homeowner's credit rating, given the number of foreclosures that are happening, the long-term consequences may not be as damaging.

Before you make any decisions regarding your home in the foreclosure process, contact experienced foreclosure attorney Clint Chase to make sure that it is the right decision for your situation. Schedule a free initial discussion today.



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